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KU Students

Everyone who has enrolled in different faculties of Khurasan University after a legal procedure is considered our students. The graduates as well those who are on leave with permission of university administration are also considered students of KU.

Students’ Responsibilities

  • Agreeing the rules and regulations of KU for the students
  • Avoiding unethical and immoral attitude inside KU Campus
  • Adopting respectful attitude with teaching and administration staff
  • Keeping his/herself away from any kind of prejudice activities on the campus
  • Assuring punctuality in the classes as well guaranteeing active participation in class assignments and other tasks
  • Keeping the campus environment clean
  • Guaranteeing cultural and religious tolerance and harmony

Students’ Rights

Khurasan University adopt a respectful approach toward students’ rights and the students are able acquire many privileges under the section 34th of university constitutions.

These privileges include

  • Giving representation to distinguished students of the varsity in national and international conferences, seminars and training programs
  • Offering free facilities of library, internet, printing press and journals to the students
  • Allowing students for freely using university grounds and sports stuff for their co-curriculum activities
  • Constituting students society
  • Welcoming the suggestions and recommendations of the students
  • Respecting students complaints
  • Awarding recognized degrees to the graduates
  • Awarding 10 to 20 % fees discounts to the distinctive students in semester exams
  • Offering 50 % fees discount students who acquired distinctive positions in the Kankor exams
  • Awarding gold medal to the students who acquired top position in the final examination
  • Giving Khurasan University Student Identity Card to every student