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Examinations Procedure

Students in Khurasan University having number of exams during their four-year degree program, these exams include:

  • Semester Examinations
    Two main exams are conducted in every semester; first is conducted before the mid-term examination while the second conducted before the final exams of the semester. Five marks of each exams is included in the overall result

  • Homework and assignments
    Students are given two assignments in a single semester; one is given before the mid-term examinations while the second is given before the final exam of the semester. Each assignment has five marks which are include in the overall result of degree program

  • Mid-term Examinations
    At the middle of each semester, mid-term examinations are conducted; it has 25 marks in the overall transcript of the degree program

  • Final Examination
    A final exam is conducted at the end of each semester; it has 50 marks in the overall record of degree program

  • Viva and monograph defense
    Students are asked to submit a research report at the end of four-year degree program; the monograph is usually comprised of detailed account about a single subject/topic or the experiences of students while practicing the learnt skills and theory in organization they work in during their internship program. This report is submitted to research center of Khurasan University in a published form wherein students defend it in front of faculty staff. Two-hundred marks of the monograph are included in the overall transcript of the degree program and those who have got less than 110 marks are considered fail