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Khurasan MBA

Afghanistan is located on strategically important position between the resource-rich Central Asia and international trade hubs in Southeast Asia and it services for being as a bridge between North and South as well as in East and West escalates Afghanistan importance furthermore in internationally, consequently, it creates many business opportunities for the people living in the area but due to lack of proper education and trainings in the field, the outcome is nominal and it hardly contributes to the socio-economic growth of the area.

The scenario of Afghanistan would have totally changed if the businessmen and individuals indulged in the field were properly trained and educated. Late is better than never, Khurasan University after her successful performance for training and educating the businessmen and individuals in field of business and administration till graduation level, now initiated post-graduation program (MBA) in this field.

Our Strengths and Opportunities
  • Ph.D level qualified teaching staff having teaching experience in international universities
  • A research Center
  • Khurasan University research journal entitled “Nawi Serrana”
  • KU has years of experience in this field as hundreds of students have successfully completed their graduation in this field from here
  • Friendly and cooperative teaching and administration staff
  • Conducive environment for study
  • Big class rooms equipped with modern technologies
  • Big library and research archive for students

MBA Program Structure

The duration for this program is two-year which are divided into four semesters. Each semester will have 36 credit hours. students would be promoted to second semester after semester exam. Submitting a research thesis at the end of MBA program is compulsory for every student. The program duration will not be exceeded from three years.