Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communications

The scope of media sector in Afghanistan has escalated during last one decade. There are hundreds of news organizations wherein thousands of journalists working for disseminating news to the audience across the country. Media play a vital role in educating and informing masses.

Its role is not confined only to make the voice of voiceless reached to the authorities but it gives precious suggestions to the government for assuring good governance in the country but unfortunately due lack of proper training and education in field of journalism the majority of media folks are unaware of modern techniques and innovations in their field hence they are unable to play the role which media is expected for.

Due to the fact that we do not have any powerful news organization that can compete with international news organizations and that can represent Afghanistan on international level, so the world know Afghanistan only for the reasons which are propagated by foreign media. Due to this negative propagation the world only know Afghanistan on security perspective but there is need for a news organization and media professionals that can portray the positive side of Afghans that is peace loving, rich with traditional values and cultures, number of festivals, different tribes, languages and seasons.

With aim to provide well qualified individuals to the media sector, Khurasan University took initiative for establishing a separate faculty for Journalism & Mass Communications in the year 2014. More than hundred students are pursuing their graduation in journalism & Mass Communications in the varsity. The teaching staff is highly qualified and having rich background in journalism profession. They are teaching students about the basic principles and modern techniques in the field of print, electronic and digital media.

Journalism & Mass Communications Program Semester wise Subjects List
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