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Fee Structure

The academic committee of Khurasan University has approved the following fees structures in different faculties

The fee for admission in the four years (8 semesters) degree program is Af/144000

  • For facilitating students, Khurasan University allowing students to submit the fee in 48 installments. This means that students will only submit 3000/Afghani each month till the end of their degree program

  • KU offers 10 percent discount to the students who submit the total sum of the fee at single handedly

  • Five percent discount is offered to students who submit the fee in two installments

  • Three percent discounts is given to those who submit the total fees in four installments

  • While those who submit the full fees in six installments are offered two percent discount

  • Afghani 300 will be charged if the fee were submitted after due date

  • The fee is not refundable

  • The fees structure is not constant forever