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Research at Faculty of Computer Science

Vision Statement of the Research Department

As one of the top research University of Afghanistan, Khurasan is an intellectual hub, comprising a team of industrious academicians and researchers. Our aim is to become the backbone of the country’s policy makers by providing sound academic expertise in the decision making process. Applied Research at Khurasan not only facilitates the decision making bodies, NGO’s, transnational organizations and businesses but also transforms individuals into scholars. Faculty of computer science at Khurasan Univeristy wants to set a standard of excellence and outline new frontiers in research.

Research Collaborations

International research collaboration is fast becoming a major component of research activity, not only in universities across the globe but also within various organizations. Research is key to development of a nation, and international research collaboration further assists the progress by bringing together resources and expertise from diverse areas and locations at one platform. This bank of accumulated knowledge provides collaborators with mutual benefits that go a long way in discovery, as well as sustained growth.

With its vision to be among the top ranked universities of the world, Faculty of computer science at Khurasan Univeristy places strong emphasis on both academic and corporate research. International research collaboration is a policy matter at Khurasan not only because it gives impetus to organizational and national growth but also because it fosters networks and relationships that are important for individual faculty development.