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KU Sports Gala-2015 Ends


KHURASAN UNIVERSITY, 21st, November: Khurasan University (KU) Sports Gala-2015, the mega event in the history of Afghanistan ever arranged by a private sector university, concluded today Saturday here at sports ground of KU in the presence of Afghanistan national cricket players Mr. Karim Sadiq, Aftab Alam, Najibullah tarakai, Batin Shah and Salman Dowalatzai.

Concluding ceremony was arranged to motivate players and students by distributing prizes among them by KU management. The event was attended by hundreds of students, KU management, teachers, guests, sportspersons, journalists and civil society members. Week long gala included eight games namely Cricket, Volley Ball, Badminton, table tennis, tug-of-war (Rasakashi), Khosai, Running and stone throwing were played during the gala in which one-thousand students took participation.

Addressing the ceremony President KU Mr. Ahmad Tariq Kamal stressed over need of such events and compared importance of co-curriculum activities with curricular activities while adding Afghanistan was going through rebuilding phase after four-decade long wars; the war had not only affected Afghanistan physically but psychologically and such events can play vital role in psychological development of Afghan nation.

He vowed arranging more such programs to address the need of students as according to him, students were witnessed highly encouraged and delighted while participating in the event. It is worth mentioning that President KU was making frequent visits to the ground to motivate students in every game.

Afghanistan National Hero and shining star of Afghanistan Cricket Mr. Karim Sadiq highly welcomed the initiative of KU for arranging such events. He went further to add that Afghanistan was going to challenging problems which can only be fought with the help of education and KU services in this regard were never deniable, he asserted.

Karim Sadiq said that educational institutions were considering sports as their active part of their programs while adding I am thankful to KU for introducing this culture in Afghanistan. Talking of Khurasan University, he said that KU was among leading universities of Afghanistan which has very much talented and highly educated faculty staff. He went further to add My brothers and cousins were students here KU and my most friends preferring KU over other universities such as those of Kabul, Islamabad, India and of other countries.

Mr. Karim Sadiq and his younger brother Aftab Alam the young stars of Afghanistan Cricket also played in the final match of cricket tournament which made thousands of students and players motivated while seeing national heroes from the nearer corner. The event was organized with the partnership of Etisalat Afghanistan and with collaboration of Kabul Energy Drinks, Ceeco Center Jalalabad and Nestle Afghanistan.